-------- The Portfolio of Kristian Larsen --------

Lars PictureHey! Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Kristian Larsen, but everyone calls me by my middle name - Lars. This is my personal portfolio website.

I've just returned to Milwaukee after a four-year "vacation" in southern California. Well, it wasn't really a vacation because I had a fulltime job, but the weather sure was amazing.

I am now working fulltime with a great company called True Process as an Information Architect/Business Analyst, but I also get to do some interface design and marketing.

For ten years prior, I was co-owner of two multimedia design companies - Blue Room Media and Beamee. In these companies, I operated as lead producer/creative director executing over 100 web-based projects and CD-ROMs for customers such as SunAmerica, Miller Brewing, GE Medical and Jackson National Life.

I graduated with a BA from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee in both Philosophy and Art History, neither of which has earned me a penny.

Currently, I do take a limited amount of freelance projects. I'm looking for new, inspiring work. You probably notice that I have a simple, fun, and sometimes quirky style. I'm really into clean, straightforward design, strong usability, and striking visuals. While I specialize in web design, I got my start as a print designer and I really enjoy creating all sorts of design. I'm passionate about branding and I'm always looking for ways to help businesses market more effectively. Over the past few years, I've made the switch to CSS/Standards-based web design and have supplemented my ASP programming skills with the more useful PHP language.

In my spare time, I read way too many books, SCUBA dive, run lots of marathons, cycle, practice photography, and relax with fine Milwaukee-brewed beer.

Contact me if you are so inclined.